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Optimized Oil Change at Boulevard Toyota

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Importance of Oil Change

Oil inspection and change are essential to maintain engine efficiency. Over time, oil accumulates impurities, losing its lubricating properties. A quick oil change keeps the engine running smoothly, ensuring optimal performance.

Keep in mind that engine oil collects dust, metal particles, and soot. Gradually, your synthetic oil, for example, loses its original qualities, including its lubricating properties.

So, a quick oil change helps maintain your vehicle’s efficiency. In fact, all experts agree: oil lubricates different engine parts to ensure optimal operation.

In short, if you want to keep your vehicle in good condition, affordable oil changes are an important step that should be done at regular intervals.

What is the cost of an oil change?

In Quebec, the average price exceeds $90. Boulevard Toyota offers promotions, including a 25% discount on all oil changes with the purchase of a used Toyota vehicle.

Although there are differences in prices between garages, know that the oil recommended by Toyota will allow you to drive with peace of mind for many kilometers.

Take advantage of your visit to the dealership or online to find out all the details.

Toyota Specialist, Exceptional service & Quick Appointments

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Understanding the categorization of engine oils

There are two main families of engine oil: mineral oils and synthetic oils.

Mineral Oils

As you may have quickly understood, mineral oils are arguably the most natural in terms of components. They are derived from refined crude oil. These oils were the first to be used in older vehicles.

With their sole viscosity index, mineral oils were not suitable for year-round driving. Today, additives are added to reduce the gap between cold and hot viscosity, but these oils still remain of lesser quality.

Synthetic Oils

Of chemical origin, synthetic oils are rich in additives, offering better performance. Synthetic oil has a very narrow gap between cold and hot viscosity, making it more fluid when the vehicle starts cold and sufficiently efficient when the engine is warm.

Synthetic oil is known for its effectiveness and providing good performance. It also reduces fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. As for the longevity of synthetic oil, at what mileage does it remain significantly higher than mineral oil? You will change your oil much less frequently if you use synthetic oil compared to mineral oil.

Toyota Recommended Oils

There are oils recommended for your Toyota vehicle. The Toyota Synthetic Motor Oil 0W-20 is a premium product that offers a unique combination of oils and a set of special additives to ensure optimal performance.

This oil is recommended for the following models:

  • Toyota Camry
  • Toyota Corolla
  • Toyota RAV4
  • Toyota Prius
  • Toyota Prius Prime
  • Toyota C-HR

Additionally, the Mobil 1 Synthetic Oil cannot be overlooked, as it provides superior protection. This oil can reach all moving parts of your engine and thus prevent friction between the dry parts of the engine.

This motor oil is recommended for the following models:

  • Toyota Sienna
  • Toyota Sequoia
  • Toyota Tacoma
  • Toyota 4Runner
  • Toyota Highlander
  • Toyota Tundra
  • Toyota GR Supra

Why Boulevard Toyota?

Our team of experts is thoroughly knowledgeable about all vehicles from the Japanese brand. Indeed, our seasoned technicians never miss any additional training; they know the trade, and they are experienced.

They can answer all your questions, and they possess a keen sense of craftsmanship. At Boulevard Toyota, oil changes are possible with or without an appointment.

Not only does our team know how to change motor oil, but they also ensure that your Toyota maintenance schedule is up to date while informing you about your next oil change and service.

In short, a caring team takes care of your vehicle during every visit to the service and parts department and ensures that your car’s oil change frequency is respected. Beyond Boulevard Toyota’s exemplary quick oil change service, rest assured that nothing escapes the eyes of our experts, such as tire changes and rotation if necessary, oil changes for other components, checking fluids and filters, signs of wear, resetting indicators and control points, etc.

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