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OEM Toyota Parts & Accessories


Warranties on available Toyota accessories and parts

Another advantage of choosing Toyota is that the manufacturer provides a warranty on all parts purchased and installed in your vehicle.

These Toyota parts and accessories, when installed by a Toyota dealer, are guaranteed for 24 months or 40,000 km (parts and labor).

For parts purchased over the counter or installed by a workshop other than a Toyota dealer’s workshop, the warranty is 12 months.

Come discover our mechanical services for your Toyota.

Boulevard Toyota for installation

At Boulevard Toyota, our expertise is embodied by a team of specialists who have been working on Toyota vehicles for years.

In addition to our extensive knowledge of Toyota vehicles, we have access to genuine Toyota parts and accessories, ensuring the highest quality automotive components in Quebec.

Whether you own a recent model or a 2002 vehicle, we are committed to finding the necessary parts to keep it running smoothly for years to come. Boulevard Toyota stands at the forefront of innovation and best mechanical practices across Quebec.

A preview of what you will find in our parts catalog

Details Make the Difference – EN

Batteries and timing belts

To ensure your vehicle’s electrical power supply, there’s no better way than using a Toyota battery.

Furthermore, an original timing belt ensures perfect synchronization between the camshaft and crankshaft rotations.

A well-maintained timing belt is crucial for a healthy vehicle, so make sure you have one that will work perfectly with your Toyota car.

Brake pads and brake fluid

For ensuring safe driving, few parts are as critical as your car’s braking system.

Fortunately, Toyota sells genuine brake parts and brake fluid, which are not only optimally designed for their vehicles but also come with Toyota’s warranty. This ensures you receive a high-quality product that you can rely on.


Whether it’s an air filter or an oil filter, Toyota is here to provide high-quality replacements along with excellent Toyota service.

A clogged or damaged air filter restricts airflow into the engine, leading to increased fuel consumption and vehicle emissions.

For an air filter that works seamlessly with your Toyota, trust the manufacturer’s genuine parts.

This emphasis on vehicle protection also extends to oil filters, which safeguard your engine from particles that can find their way into the oil.

In short, ensuring quality filters means ensuring that our engine is well-protected from external particles that could enter through air or oil.

Choosing original parts pays off

To ensure your vehicle runs for as long as possible, there’s no better choice than genuine Toyota parts.

In addition to competitive pricing on a wide range of Toyota parts and accessories, the Toyota parts catalog ensures you receive a component that’s engineered to perform perfectly within your car.

Alongside all our parts replacement services, our dealership also provides tire purchase, installation, and storage.

CONFORT+ Accessories

The CONFORT+ accessory package is perfect for those who want to have all the necessary tools to tackle the harsh Quebec winters.

Available as an accessory for the Toyota RAV4, as well as many other vehicles from the manufacturer, the CONFORT+ package includes:

  • A battery maintenance charger
  • A cabin heater
  • An engine block heater
  • A mobile application for controlling everything

Take care of your battery with a charger specifically designed for long periods of inactivity in the cold, and then take care of yourself with a cabin heater that ensures your vehicle welcomes you in comfort.

TRD Accessories

TRD products and accessories are designed to provide you with the perfect blend of appearance and high performance.

Depending on your Toyota vehicle, you’ll find various options. For example, one of the parts available for the Toyota Corolla could be a gear shift knob designed to be more comfortable and enjoyable to touch.

You’ll find many other TRD accessories within the Toyota lineup, such as:

  • High-performance air intake system
  • High-performance air filter or oil filter
  • And much more, offering the best possible performance, all with style.

Technological Accessories

If you want to enhance the already impressive technology inside your Toyota, the Toyota catalog offers a variety of possible accessories.

For example, the DÉMARRAGE+ remote starter has a range of up to 800 meters, and the genuine Toyota dash camera allows you to fully relive the adventures experienced in your vehicle.

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