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New Vehicle Warranty and Coverage

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Toyota Warranty

Toyota vehicles, whether cars, trucks, or SUVs, are manufactured to exceptional quality standards. And this is not just an empty promise. Our vehicles come with the following limited warranties:

Basic Warranty: 36 MONTHS/ 60,000 km*

Powertrain Warranty: 60 MONTHS/ 100,000 km*

Hybrid Component Coverage: 96 MONTHS/ 160,000 km*

Hybrid Battery Coverage: 120 MONTHS/ 240,000 km*

*Whichever comes first

For details on additional coverage and warranty, you can contact our service advisor.

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Toyota Canada provides warranty coverage for every new vehicle registered in Canada and used within Canada or in the continental United States. The warranty period begins from the vehicle registration date, which may precede the sale date.

Maintenance services covered by the warranty can be performed at any authorized Toyota dealership. However, certain factors such as negligence, modifications, and accidents may result in warranty voidance. We encourage you to consult with Boulevard Toyota’s service team for more information.

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